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DriBond™ Concrete Overlay System

 DriBond Driveway
Installs like Sand, Sets like Cement™

dribondDriBond is Environmentally FriendlyDriBond™ was created to bond (1" or 30mm) thin pavers or natural stone over existing concrete surfaces without removing existing concrete, which is an invasive and time-consuming process. Ironically, if you remove the concrete, you're actually removing the best possible base for your pavers DriBond™ is the first polymer-modified bonding agent specifically developed for residential concrete driveways and pool decks.

Our customers now have the ability to transform an old, stained, and cracked concrete driveway into a hardscape masterpiece typically within one or two days.




DriBond™ is the perfect solution to brighten boring pool decks and make your outdoor oasis shine.

 Benefits of DriBond™ DriBond Pool Deck
 - Specifically Developed for Driveways & Pool Deck Overlays
 - No Concrete Removal/Demo
 - Inhibits Mold/Grass/Weeds
 - Prevents Paver Settling *
 - Limited Lifetime Warranty
 - Environmentally Friendly

Over one million square feet of thin pavers have been installed over the past seven years utilizing the DriBond™

Concrete pool decks take a lot of abuse from foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Thin pavers installed on your pool deck will add natural beauty and warmth to your existing landscape, and also increase the durability of your outdoor living space.

DriBond Pool Deck

  • Say goodbye to cracks, weeds, and crumbling cement
  • Eliminate sand wash-out and prevent a breeding ground for mold and mildew
  • Eliminate low spots and uneven surfaces giving a stronger more resilient finish.



DriBond Driveway Before After1 

CityStone Demi Pavers in White/Pewter Pavers in "T" Pattern with Gray/Charcoal Border

DriBond PoolDeck Before After1

Union Pavers in White/Tan/Charcoal Pavers in "T" Pattern

DriBond PoolDeck Before After2

CityStone Demi Pavers in White/Pewter Pavers in Running Bond Pattern

DriBond Driveway Before After2

Union Pavers in Cream/Beige/Charcoal Pavers in Running Bond Pattern with Gray/Charcoal Border


DriBond Certified Installer 500 Logo 

Fresh Look Outdoor is a certified DriBond® installer.  Give us a call today to see if your project would benefit from this overlay system.

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